We are living

in such time when very few people remember excellent sound of glass tubes amplifiers. The big box of a radio receiver, covered with expensive wood and blinking to us a green eye of the indicator is gone from the corner of the room. Its place is occupied with a heap of plastic and metal boxes, coldly brilliant by nickel and chromium. Both music itself, and its understanding has changed. Very few companies produce the equipment capable of reproducing natural sounding of acoustic instruments.

During the last decades

all important specifications equipment were gone from descriptions . It is easier to a manufacturer to decorate the product with the different brilliant details gilt with handles and naming a product High End to throw out into the market. Besides, presently it is better to forget the important parameters as they prove difficult to achieve.

This site

is intended for audiofans for which the audiotube equipment is dear and who want to make the tube device with their own hands. If you gather enough patience you will make the device with parameters close to products of the well-known manufacturers.  

Julius Ustinavičius 2005
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